SUGA BOMB Lancaster

Trisha Sewell is returning to Lancaster in April 2017 to bring us SUGA BOMB – her marvellous Bootcamp for Follows!

Trisha wants all followers to feel fabulous and confident about their dancing. She wants followers to find their own ‘Unique Sweetness’ and develop their own dancing look that sets them above the rest.  Followers need to be encouraged to express their own personal individuality as a dancer. The curriculum promotes self-analysis, self-expression and experimentation without creative boundaries. We gain inspiration from other follows (old and new) but understand the value in being different, and being ourselves.

Trisha has a lifetime’s worth of experience to share with us – she will work us hard, so come prepared for a mental and physical workout, but we’ll leave on Sunday evening with all sorts of skills to make us better at following and to help us find our own unique voice.  We will be working on solo movement which will improve our skills as follows in partnered dance, and also improve our own movement and body awareness generally.  This will be Trisha’s second visit up to Lancaster in just a few short months, so we’re feeling pretty lucky to be soaking up so much time with her.

The Logistics:

When: 29th and 30th April 2017. Two full days of classes on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Night: we are planning something a bit different for the Saturday night to bring our entire dancing community together.  It will be dancing themed, but not our usual social dance.  It will be open to everyone and not just workshop attendees.  Details to follow soon!

Workshop Levels: This is not a levelled workshop in the traditional sense, although you will get more out of this if you have been taking classes as a follow for at least a few months (we recommend around 6 months).  Also, you do not have to be a primary follow to participate – lots of our leads who also follow are planning on coming.

Cost: TBC.

Venues: the event will be held at St Paul’s Parish Hall, Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LAS 4ST which is about a 15/20 min walk from the city centre and is on all the major bus routes. There is lots of free on street parking nearby.

Get Tickets! We will update this page when tickets go on sale in 2017, but for now, SAVE THE DATE!